You Dare To Call Me A Terrorist

2014-07-28 JoeMcDonnell+
Joe McDonnell was an Provisional IRA volunteer (óglach) imprisoned in the Maze H-blocks. He was the fifth hunger-striker to die, on July 8th, 1981 after 61 days. The Wolfe Tones wrote a ballad in his memory (for their 1983 LP A Sense Of Freedom), which FAI chief John Delaney was recorded singing in a Dublin pub a few weeks ago after a 4-1 win by the Republic over the US in a friendly. He at first denied it was him, then apologized, and has kept his job (sources). As of this morning, the song, re-released by the Wolfe Tones as a charity Christmas single in aid of the Simon Community, is the #7 single at The mural above was painted in July.
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text: X02033 long kesh while you look down your gun h5

2 thoughts on “You Dare To Call Me A Terrorist

  1. Tony Crowley 2015-01-07 / 9:03 am

    anyone know where this mural is?

    • Extramural Activity 2015-01-07 / 10:59 pm

      Tony – It’s on Suffolk Rd. For the precise location, go to the map (the full Google Map, not just the embedded version) and search for “McDonnell”.

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