Consolidate The Peace

2015-07-22 LPAHarveyCourt+
As talks were held at Stormont throughout 1997, (leading to the Good Friday (or: Belfast) Agreement in April 1998) paramilitaries on both sides in the conflict began pressing their case for concessions, including the release of political prisoners. The image above is of a 1997 UDA mural that is still in decent condition in loyalist east Belfast: Consolidate The Peace – Release East Belfast’s Loyalist Prisoners. It shows a Long Kesh tower and barbed wire with red hands breaking the chains between handcuffs. For a similar image (which was painted out this week) in nearby Lord St, see All Gave Some.
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Copyright © 2015 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/250, ISO 200, full size 3344 x 2456
text: X02694 we forget them not LPA harvey court

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