Qaxootiga Soo Dhaweyn

02998 2015-09-16 Refugees Welcome+
The wave of people seeking asylum from political strife in Europe continues.”Fáilte romhaibh a chairde” is Irish for “Welcome, friends” while “Qaxootiga soo Dhaweyn” is Somali for “Refugees welcome”. Somalis make up about 9% of the current wave of migrants from Africa and Syrians 33%. (Irish Times) 2,000 refugees are to be settled in Northern Ireland. (belfastlive) The yellow-on-black outline of parents and daughter running originates in the United States, used on ‘caution’ signs along highways near the US-Mexico border. For images of the mural’s launch on September 12th, see the WARN twitter feed.
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Copyright © 2015 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f9, 1/400, ISO 200, full size 2776 x 2592
text: X02998 qaxootiga soo dhawevn arabic

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