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Here are two images related (perhaps indirectly) to the prosecution of members of the Young Conway flute band for playing The Famine Song/The John B. Sails (WP) outside St. Patrick’s church in Donegall Street during the parade season in the summer of 2012. On Tuesday (December 1st), the thirteen band members had their April convictions quashed. (Telegraph) Above is graffiti on Lanark Way — Stop political policing on band’s men — and below a flyer for a fundraiser in support of the legal appeal.
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text: X03212 X03215 Our members suffered last year at the hands of the corrupt judicial system that’s now being played out in our courts, the entire membership of our band seen themselves being convicted for doing NOTHING only playing a tune! We had SF/IRA scum giving evidence at our trial that wouldn’t stand up in any normal society. After being convicted all of our members instantly lodged an appeal to fight what we see as a very just cause, we would be most grateful of your support in attending our fundraiser to help pay for this appeal, we hope you can appreciate that the outcome will have very BIG implications for the whole band scene and it’s a fight we ALL need to win, as stated above its a fundraising event therefore a 5 pound entry fee must be applied to all, there will be ballots on the night and a DJ of 80s, 90s, 00s to present day & some of the finest marching bands on show! Many thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to your support on the 13th November.  legal challenge friday DJ Rab Proctor beach boys

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