Brandywell Past And Present

02842 2015-08-25 LongTower+
“You are the future” is the message from Long Tower Youth & Community Centre (Fb) to young people in the Brandywell. Sporting heroes of the past, especially boxing and soccer (for a mural of local clubs, see I Don’t Like Mondays) are featured in black and white. (Derry Journal article on the mural and its sponsors.)
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Camera Settings: f, 1/, ISO , full size 3774 x 1966
text: X02842 lecky rd serving the community since 1943 2014 derry londonderry dove oak leaf spider kelly tommy mccann george mccann johnny campbell joe healy liam coyle eddie crossan frankie campbell Tony o’doherty jim mcloughlin jobby crossan fay coyle lisa toland anne lyttle jim leland jimmy lyttle st columba’s lumen cristi college

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