Campaign For Truth

The McGurk’s Bar bombing of December, 1971 killed fifteen people – the most in a single incident during the troubles – capping what had already been a bloody year, including the “Ballymurphy Massacre” of July, in which 11 died, and starting another round of killings that would spread into the new year. Campaigners for an inquiry were busy this week in both Dublin and Belfast (Irish News).
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text: X02893 “At 8:47 pm on saturday december 1971 a no-warning bomb planted by british terrorists exploded on the doorstep of family-run mcgurk’s bar. fifteen innocent men women and children perished. those who were not crushed or slowly asphyxiated by masonry where horrifically burned to death when shattered gas mains burst into flames beneath the rubble. nearly the same again were dragged from the debris alive. in the aftermath of the atrocity the british and unionist governments RUC police force and military disseminated disinformation bomb was in-transit civilians guilty by association if not complicit in this act of terrorism despite a mountain of forensic evidence witness statement escaped into the night for 40 years since campaigned constitutionally and with great dignity”

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