The Proclamation

Robert Ballagh’s 1916 Proclamation was first painted as a mural by Mo Chara Kelly and Risteard Ó Mhurchú in 1991 for the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising (see Cáisc 1916 which also contains the Ballagh piece). That version stood for ten years on the Whiterock Road. It has reproduced again in Ard An Lao above the hunger strikers, after the removal of several plaques (see All Our Dead). “With special thanks to Hugo Óg Wilkinson”.
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Camera Settings: f3.7, 1/800, ISO 80, full size 4896 x 3672
text: X06110 our revenge will be let there be no bitterness

2 thoughts on “The Proclamation

  1. Sam 2022-05-23 / 6:25 pm

    Where are these murals located?

    • Extramural Activity 2022-05-23 / 10:06 pm

      Sam – they’re in Ard An Lao (in the Bone, in north Belfast) – enter “Ardilea Close” on your favourite maps app

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