East East Belfast

This hooded gunman from the East Belfast UVF – like the series of stencils featured previously in EB UVF – is on a wall in Newtownards’s Westwinds estate. Below is a EB UVF mural at the bottom of Bowtown, not far from the West Belfast UDA mural in Greenwell St. The UVF and UDA also compete in the Glen estate; compare Today’s Local with Our Heritage In Your Hands.
Questions about EB UVF lawlessness in north Down arose over the summer with a “business opportunity” presented to local hostelries (Belfast Live | ITV).
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X06083 2018-08-28 East Belfast Battalion+
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One thought on “East East Belfast

  1. Sam Leikind 2022-02-19 / 12:41 am

    Where in Newtownards Estate is this mural? Or has it been taken down?

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