This Is Our Republic

Sinn Féin won 73 of 105 seats in the Westminster election of 1918. Instead of taking their seats, they formed an independent Dáil Éireann, meeting for the first time on January 21st, 1919, in Dublin. On the same date, Irish Volunteers in Soloheadbeg, Tipperary, ambushed a convoy of gelignite, escorted by two RIC police, both of whom were killed – this attack would mark the opening of the War Of Independence. This new stencil by Lasair Dhearg (web | tw) aims to promote the “Democratic programme of the first Dáil Éireann. This is our mandate. This is our Republic.” beginning with the Proclamation of the Easter Rising.
Click to enlarge (to 2100 x 1492)
Copyright © 2019 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f4.8, 1/200, ISO 80, full size 4764 x 3384
text: X06455

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