We Await In The Shadows

Ten years after ending its armed campaign, the Red Hand Commando in 2017 applied to be de-proscribed, on the basis that it had given up its arms in 2009 and transformed itself into an ‘old comrades association’ (see the emblem in the bottom left of the wide shot) (BBC | NewsLetter). According to this mural, however, B company is ready to reform in response to those who “play with peace”, fifty years later (or so – the mural claims the group was founded in 1970; other sources give 1972 (WP cites Peter Taylor).

“50 years has passed/We were forced to don our masks/Don’t play with peace/Or attack our land/We await in the shadows/B Coy Red Hand”

Replaces the ‘99.9% need not apply‘ RHC mural.

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Copyright © 2019 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f4.8, 1/80 ISO 250, full size 3264 x 4084

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Copyright © 2019 Extramural Activity
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X06861 X06862 derrycoole way rathcoole
Red Hand Action Group in Beresford Street (Shankill)
1972-05 Red Hand Action Group Beresford St

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