The Typist With The Webley

Lasair Dhearg poster for the “2021 Winifred Carney Commemoration, 1 pm, Saturday, 20th November. Speaker: Alannagh Doherty, Lasair Dhearg Derry. Assemble: Gates of Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.”

Winifred Carney, from Belfast, was a member of Cumann na mBan, assistant to James Connolly from 1912 until the Rising, and part of the occupying forces in the GPO during the rising, “armed with a typewriter and a Webley” (according to her WP page). She is also included in Sister Soldiers | Mothers, Sisters, Daughters | Naming Our Streets | Building An Ireland Of Equals | Is Féidir Linn! | Raising The Flag

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X08680 for a socialist republic

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