No EU, No Irish, No British

It’s actually “No EU, No Irish, Buy British” but the cars parked in front of these graffiti are a BMW – a German company with factories also in China, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa and the US (WP) – and a Ford – a US company with factories all over the world, but since 2002 Ford cars have not been made in Britain (WP). The graffiti is a protest at the NI Protocol (as seen in roughly 22 previous posts).

In the Dee St/Newtownards Rd Iceland car-park, adjacent to the ‘pilgrims’ mural seen in Please Pay Here.

Reminiscent of: ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish’ in Oppose Racism | No Irish No POWs | More Blacks, More Gays, More Irish

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One thought on “No EU, No Irish, No British

  1. Gerry 2022-06-23 / 10:04 pm

    No Irish ?? Doesn’t the idiot who wrote this know where they’re living ?? Clearly not…..listen, now I know by the writing that you’re clearly not very intelligent. But you live on a big Island, it’s called Ireland. Yes it might be divided by an invisible border (which I understand can be confusing) making there a north of Ireland, still under the UK and southern Ireland known as the Republic. Now even though there’s an invisible border, it doesn’t mean that the North has by magic moved from the island of Ireland and sailed itself over to form part of England. No, it’s still part of one big Island and as such we are all by birth Irish or if you prefer Northern Irish. Just like when you go to England the people say to you, oh you from Ireland or you’re Irish. So I hope now you might finally be a little bit more educated.

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