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This is a 2007? repainting of the lower Shankill mural placing Ulster Freedom Fighters/Ulster Defence Association (UFF/UDA) within the historical context of “a new organization entitled the Ulster Defence Association, the objects of which are to elect an assembly of 600 delegates, having authority to declare the policy and direct the action of the Ulster Unionists and to raise funds for the purposes of the organization from loyalists of all classes.” The motto of the organisation was “Quis separabit” (which is the same as the UDA’s). The Union faded away in the 1910s, but the name was revived by the UDA in 2007 (NewsLetter). The manifesto was launched on St Patrick’s day 1893, in response to the 2nd Home Rule bill. Membership was closed on June 1st, by which time 170,000 people had signed up (Bygone Days). The newspaper source of the text is unknown; a similar newspaper article from the Tasmanian Daily Telegraph can be found here.

The side wall is new, and other small changes were made during the repaint: “UFF member” was previously above the gunman and “Est.” was previously used instead of “Formed”.

The Orange Order mural in the background is here.

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text: X00283 X00310 X00284 [X00328] [M03809] [M03810] [M03811] [M03812] member founded 1893 1972 ulster defence union

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