Castlereagh Street Shipyard Workers

2012-12-06 CastlereaghStDetail+

A board at the top of Castlereagh Street listing residents of the street who worked in 1911 on the Titanic and Olympic. With plane-breaking lifeboats and sponsorship from Belfast City Council (see Daniela Balmaverde’s page on the project), the Department for Social Development and the Titanic Foundation.

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text:  X00763 X00764 boiler maker plater iron turner shipyard marine engineer draughtsman smith fitter helper, carpenter apprentice joiner moulder chief harbour board clear storekeeper’s office, ropemaker, labourer, leighton cunningham, william horsly, william nelson, francis gregson, james taylor, robert keenan, john miller, joseph atkinson, john porter, william boyd, thomas finney, joseph walker, joseph simpson, sidney ham, archibald hutchinson, andrew mulgrew, james brown, robert dobson, robert simpson, john mccurley, william roy, charles cameron, john m. murray, john lapidge, william horsly (again?), thomas maitland, thomas valentine, alexander mccallum, thomas henderson, george moody, ?jack? kennedy, william wise, edward thomson, william henry ?adison?, bartholemew ivory, john campbell, james miller

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