Sir Edward Bingham

2013-03-29 BangorBingham+
Mural in his home town to rear admiral Sir Edward Bingham, OBE, born in Bangor and recipient of the Victoria Cross (featured in the apex of the roof) for service in WWI.
This mural is adjacent to Red Hand Commando “red fist” mural, featured previously.
The context shot, below, shows the two together, as viewed through the uprights of a community monument just across the road, featuring old photographs and documenting the history of the local community.
This mural is almost unique in having a house window in the middle of it. Here is one other example.
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2013-03-29 BangorWide+
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Camera Settings: f8, 1/160, ISO 200, full size 3639 x 5517
text: X01030 X01032 messines hms nestor for valor born 26th july died 24th sept 1939, vc, son of lord clanmorris was born in bangor and served in the royal navy during the first world war. he was awarded for his actions in engaging the german fleet during the battle of jutland. the bingham family name adorns various settings in the where he is remembered with pride. was purchased by north down borough council and is on display at the north down museum

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