Titanic Town – North Belfast

2013-06-12 NorthBelfastWorkers+
A detail from the mural above has been featured before on Extramural Activity but not the whole thing, for the reason that there are always cars parked in front of it – the mural is at the blind end of St. Vincent Street, next to Crusaders’ football ground. But finally we have captured it entire, automobile-free, in an extra-large (3854 pixels wide) image.
The mural features “North Belfast dockers, millworkers, shipyard workers. Titanic town 1912”. Along the bottom are the names of various Belfast pubs and other businesses: The Waterloo, The Terminus, The Sportsmans Arms, The White Hart, The Bowling Green, The City Arms, The Orpheus – York Street, Railway Bar – Canning Street [image from 1970], The Edinburgh Castle [the boat of the Union-Castle line, launched 1910, built at H&W?], York Street Mill, The Gibralter [sic] Bar [whose then-owner was killed in 1972], Ye Old Castle [a bar (and restaurant?) bombed in 1971], The White Lion. Please leave a comment if you can add any information about these place-names.
A close-up of the info plaque at the top right can be found in the previous post. The piece was painted by Jim Russell from Glasgow.
The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)’s collection of photographs of Belfast, 1912-1914 (some actually from 1911 and 1915) contains various shots of the area.
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Camera Settings: f8, 1/400, ISO 100, full size 3854 x 1902
text: X01139 gibraltar

5 thoughts on “Titanic Town – North Belfast

  1. Anonymous 2014-06-17 / 11:59 pm

    The Edinburgh Castle was a bar on York Street owned by Larry Murphy. It was lost in the troubles in Aug 1970. Check out this link

    • Danny Galvin 2014-09-04 / 11:21 pm

      Does anybody remember the barmaid who worked at the Edinburgh Castle for many years through the 60’s? I think her name was Ann.

    • Murphy 2015-03-28 / 8:03 pm

      I gritted my teeth and felt so mad
      Yet in my heart I felt so sad
      For on a night of bitter shame
      The pub I loved was set aflame

      I winter days round the fire we sat
      Having a debate or a chat
      Billy Goudy, God rest his soul
      Always seen there was no shortage of coal

      Whoever burned that dear old place
      He’s put our city in disgrace
      One day I hope they will extend their hand
      And live in peace with their follow man

      Alas the dear old Edinburgh gone
      But in my heart it will linger on
      Your Protestant friends will miss you Larry
      But sadly all we can say is “sorry”

    • Anonymous 2018-10-13 / 12:54 am

      the Edinburgh castle was YORK ROAD not York street

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