Northern Island

2013-10-13 UFF1973+
In the course of its history, the UDA has flirted with the idea of an independent Northern Ireland and of a repartitioned Northern Ireland. This mural in Avoniel Street, just off Albertbridge Road in east Belfast, shows a Northern Irish island, supporting two masked gunmen, beneath a red fist. The Ulster Freedom Fighters (and its youth organisation, the Ulster Young Militants) was formed in 1973 to give legal cover to the UDA; the UFF was banned immediately, the UDA in 1992.
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Camera Settings: f6.3, 1/100, ISO 400, full size 3744 x 5264
text: X01388 u.y.m. terrae fillius quis separabit formed 1973 dee st. coy. ulster defence association

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