Forgotten In Life, Remembered In Death

2013-12-14 QuinnStone+
Trade unionist John Quinn, who helped found the ITGWU, died in 1935 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Milltown. Last weekend (December 14th, 2013) a new headstone was unveiled. As can be seen in the image above, Quinn was fortunate to escape the sinking of the Titanic – he boarded as a fireman in the Belfast crew, but a team of firemen had already been hired in Southampton.
There is a detailed account of Quinn’s life and the process that brought about the new headstone  at the Belfast Telegraph.
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text: X01480 1876-1935 beloved husband of margaret pollard native of sailortown seaman docker  a participant in the 1907 dockers and carters strike and one of the founder members friend and colleague of james larkin, winifred carney, james connolly, 4 april 1912 Forgotten in life, remembered in death daughter bridget son robert nephew gerard

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