May I Never Hear Such Cries Again!

2013-11-28 KitchenerStWWI+
Kitchener Street boards commemorating the “Young Citizen Volunteers Of Ireland” and the battle of the Somme. The text in the side-wall board (shown below) is from the diary of a Somme soldier: “We surge forward. Bayonets sparkle and glint. Cries and curses rent the air. Chums fall, some without a word … and others … Oh, my God! May I never hear such cries again! There goes the YCV flag tied to the muzzle of a rifle. That man had nerve! Through the road just ahead of us we had crossed the sunken road. We could see khaki figures rushing the German front line. The Inniskillings had got at them.”
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X05300 2013-03-27 YCV+

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text: X01471 X05300 July 1916 you will find in your ranks men with the same ideals, loyalty determination to uphold the rights of their country edward carson you people at home make me feel quite proud when you tell me i am the soldier boy of the macfadzeans i hope to play the game and if i don’t add much lustre to it i certainly will not tarnish it william fredrick v.c. on the 17th may 1914 became a battalion of the belfast regiment of the ulster volunteer force formed part of the ulster division authorised on 28th october 1914 which officially became the 14th battalion of the royal irish rifles part of the  109th brigade saw action throughout the first world war wwi 10th september 1912

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