2014-05-03 Time4Truth+
Before the Gerry Adams arrest dominated the headlines (Get The Real Story), the major issue of last week was the announcement by NI Secretary Theresa Villiers (BBC-NI) that there would be no further investigation of the La Mon Restaurant bombing – in which 12 people died (WP) – or the Ballymurphy Massacre – in which 11 died (WP). Relatives of both sets of deceased were disappointed by the announcement, and on the Republican side, Gael Force Art in conjunction with Relatives For Justice took to Sliabh Dubh to promote the latter’s #Time4Truth campaign. Below is an already-existing board on the lower side of Springfield Road, painted by Risteard Ó Murchú, making the same demand.
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One thought on “#Time4Truth

  1. FreeThinker 2014-05-05 / 7:57 pm

    Well, a couple of things to point out. Firstly, as you correctly notice the slogan (what the Belfast Telegraph laughingly called ‘graffiti’…) was directed at the two decisions not to hold further investigations. However rather than being a Republic dig at State actors it actually backfired because no sooner were the sheets on the hill (sorry, by no stretch of anyone’s imagination is that a ‘mountain’!) than Mr. Adams was arrested over a murder he may or may not have been involved in/had knowledge of some 40 years ago. A man who has consistently played with and used the concept of truth for his own political gains. So what amused me what that the hills were now beckoning ‘one of their own’ to come forward and tell the truth – in the same way they demanded State forces and State actors to do. Is no one spotting the blatant hypocrisy here? Lastly, I have to say that the Ballymurphy killings /murders were not a masacre. The framing of the regrettable killings as a masacre is ultimately inaccurate and if we are going to deal with that issue, then we also need to deal with the hypocrisy which is pervasive in the Republica camp. Hypocrisy which states you can kill part-time soldiers, milkmen, postmen and anyone who colluded with enemy forces, why? because it was a war and horrible things happen in a war. OK, so when stone-throwers and petrol-bombers and future provo recruits get whacked we need an inquest and it’s a massacre all of a sudden… I’m sorry but the Republicans and Sinn Féin cannot have it both ways. Most of the people killed in Derry or Ballymurphy or wherever during the Conflict were either active service individuals or going to be, that was the deal back then, EVERYONE was involved. Join and risk death that’s the deal. So if you expect to throw petrol bombs at the State forces and don’t expect to reap the wrath of that daily barrage of hate – when you (the Republican side) called the forces in in the first place because the IRA couldn’t defend its own, then man alive, give me a break. It was a war, shit happens, get on with your life for goodness sake.

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