Alternative Transport

02905 2015-09-02 Beechm 14+
Black taxis were first brought from England to Belfast in 1970 by locals who wanted to provide an alternative, and locally-based, transport system to augment the Citybuses which were sometimes cancelled and sometimes burned out. The board above commemorates eight drivers who were killed during the troubles: Michael Duggan, Jim Green, Harry Muldoon, Paddy McAllister, Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh, Thomas Hughes, Hugh Magee, and Paddy Clarke.
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text: X02905 west belfast taxi association community interest company dedicated to the memory of murdered in the service of their community providing belfast with a public transport system for over 40 years a dhia deán trocaire ar a nanamacha may god have mercy on their souls WBTA divis flats st peters  12/11/75 5/5/77 31/10/84 26/8/86 16/3/88 19/7/91 10/10/91 2/2/92

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