Women’s Voices Matter

03070 2015-10-01 Women's Quilt+
Today’s image is of the final new mural in the recent re-imaging of the Lower Shankill estate. It shows a patchwork quilt of word related to women and the roles they play in families and communities, such as “aunt”, “mother”, “sister”, “granny”, and “caring”, “diverse”, “strong”, and “unheard voices”.
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Copyright © 2015 Extramural Activity
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03071 2015-10-01 Women's Quilt info+
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Copyright © 2015 Extramural Activity
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text: X03070 X03071 The Lower Shankill Women’s Group created this artwork using the theme of a traditional family quilt as their inspiration. The quilt idea was chosen as an item, which is often made together by family members and is ultimately handed down through generations. The women decided to decorate their quilt with words that described themselves their family members. Each member of the group contributed to the project, which were brought together digitally to form the overall artwork. They also wanted to highlight that woman have a pivotal role to play within the Shankill area and that their voices area as important as any one else’s. Artist Lesley Cherry worked with the women during this project, drawing out family stories of care, loss, remembrance and ultimately love, not only for their immediate families, but for their friends and the wider community. This artwork was funded by the Housing Executive, working in partnership with the Lower Shankill Community Association. The artwork replaces a contentious paramilitary mural and an artwork depicting the burning of Protestant homes at the beginning of the Troubles. hope friend loud kind broken honest care pride family stubborn inspiration diverse niece pride care caring acceptance welcome love powerful equalilty equality for all

3 thoughts on “Women’s Voices Matter

  1. Anonymous 2021-04-12 / 3:57 pm

    Does anyone know the exact date of this mural’s unveiling? Thank you!

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