For God, Ulster & Scotland

03216 2015-12-04 Protestant Boys Stirling+
This panel (one of three) of a new mural on the Shankill celebrates the Stirling Protestant Boys Flute Band and its association with the Shankill Road: “Stirling Protestant Boys Flute Band [Fb] were formed in February 2003 and to this day take part in parades across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. The band has a great connection with our friends from Belfast, especially those from the Greater Shankill area. In November 2012 Stirling Protestant Boys were presented with the battle honours of the Young Citizen Volunteers and the 36th (Ulster) Division. The band would like to thank the people of the Shankill Road for their continued support.”
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Copyright © 2015 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/30, ISO 400, full size 3048 x 2200
text: X03216 Sir David Stirling Memorial Vol. Brian Robinson Parade

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