The Brave 13

03219 2015-12-11 Apprentice Boys+
Here is the second of three panels from a new mural on the Shankill Road celebrating the ties between Belfast and the Stirling & District Campsie Club, a branch of one of the associated clubs of the Apprentice Boys Of Derry. It features the cannon “Roaring Meg” (“presented by the Fishmongers Company of London 1642″) which is used as the seal for the club, the club’s flag which includes a red hand of Ulster, the key to the gates, and the emblem and coat of arms of the Apprentice Boys.
For the first panel, see For God, Ulster & Scotland.
“Formed on the 2nd May 1987 we have been at the forefront of loyalist culture in our area since then and were the first club in Scotland to have a Battle of the Somme Commemoration Parade. Since our inauguration we have formed many friendships with our brethren and bands from the province many of which are still active today. For many years the club has participated with Belfast Campsie Club at the closing of the gates parade in December. We have through the years had great affinity with the many bands from Belfast some who are unfortunately no longer with us. The club would like to thank the people of Belfast for their support and friendship through the years and to the people of the Shankill for giving us the privilege of this murals.
No surrender.
The Campsie Club is the only Apprentice Boys Club to be named after one of the “Brave 13″. It is persumed presumed that Henry Campsie was the first man to shed blood in the Defence of Londonderry. Campsie was the inspiration behind the Shutting of the Gates and was severely wounded whilst leading his associates to secure the City Magazine and armoury. The emblem of the Roaring Meg was adopted as the Seal of the new club.”
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text: X03219 stirling castle 1688 1689 Henry Campsie, William Crookshanks, Robert Sherrard, Daniel Sherrard, Alexander Irwin, James Steward, Robert Morison, Alexander Cunningham, Samuel Hunt, James Spike, John Coningham, William Cairnes and Samuel Harvy 105 the number of days the city was under siege walker mitchelburne browning baker murray

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