Ronnie Adams

03183 2015-11-12 Ronnie Adams+
Ronnie Adams was born in Belfast in 1916. He began driving at age 11 and rallying at age 18. He is shown above in a Jaguar Mk. VII, en route to winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1956, which was also around the time that he took over the family textile business from his deceased father — Adams remained an amateur driver his whole life.
For more on Adams, see Adams’s Telegraph obituary and this article by Steve McKelvie. For information on the Jaguars of the 1950s (and an image of Adams with the five trophies he received for winning the Monte Carlo), see the Irish Jaguar & Daimler club.
For the first in this series of boards on Donegall Road, see previously The RIC At Celtic Park.
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