St Patricks

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Featured today are two (more) of the boards in a set on Tates Avenue. The central board, shown above, shows a young Patrick (without the clerical garb in which he is often portrayed) against the backdrop of Slemish mountain, where Patrick is thought to have tended sheep as a young slave to a local chieftain, c. 401 AD and developed his Christian faith.
The second image is of colourings of the Saint Patrick profile by children from the nearby Donegall Road Primary School.
The boards were unveiled on March 10th, 2016 by first minister Arlene Foster who remarked that the saint had become “very Gaelicised” and this — and the presence of Irish tricolours at parades — deterred unionists from celebrating “the patron saint of everybody in Northern Ireland” (Belfast Telegraph; also contains video of the launch). Anglicanism venerates saints but Presbyterianism does not, generally taking the “communion of saints” to refer to all members of the church.
Previously from this set of boards: An Ancient And Powerful Symbol
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text: X03324 X03325 Ross Wilson bell latin text staff red hand of ulster cross saltire My name is Patrick. I am a sinner, a simple country person, and the least of all believers. Patrick was born in Roman Britain in 385 AD. When he was sixteen he was captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ulster where he was sold as a slave to Milchu exiled abused exploited turned to Christ little did he know that this would not only transform his life but the lives of the Irish people he escaped captivity after size years and returned to his home. Later in a dream-vision Patrick was called back to Ireland by an Angel who brought the voice of the Irish … “We beg you, holy boy to come and walk among us again”. returned as an evangelist and pastor playing a major role in converting the celts to Christianity known through his personal writings a record of his time and ministry in ireland which lasted for 45 years persuasive powers were astounding within 200 years spiritual change ended slavery and human sacrifice setting in place one of the most profound social and cultural revolutions transcended division and became a living letter written on irish hearts “not with ink but by the spirit of the living god i am a servant of christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in christ our lord” simply went and told others died in 460 aged 75 years This artwork celebrates the life and legacy of Saint Patrick. It also features an inspiring series of local school children’s portraits exploring the identity of their Patron Saint. The project was supported by the Housing Executive and delivered in partnership through the ACT INITIATIVE and Greater Village Regeneration Trust. The artwork was unveiled by The First Minister Arlene Foster on the 10th March 2016.

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