Culann’s Hound

03632 2016-07-05 Cu Chulainn+
“Cú Chulainn” is Irish for “Culann’s Hound” after the boy Setanta killed the smith’s hound and promised to take its place until another one was raised. In one version of the legend, Setanta kills the original hound by driving a sliotar (hurley ball) down its throat – hence the hero is shown here holding a camán (hurley stick) rather than a sword. In the original picture on which this mural is based, the hero is not Cú Chulainn but Jim Fitzpatrick’s vision of Nuada Silverarm and he carries a sword.
On the right hand side, Tuan the hawk/eagle/sea-raven bears witness to all of Irish history.
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Copyright © 2016 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f9, 1/250, ISO 200, full size 3221 x 1639
text: X03632 central drive

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