Luminaries And Legends

Famous faces and landmarks from east Belfast, including, in the foreground, guitarists Gary Moore and Eric Bell (from Thin Lizzy). Included in the bottom right is the artist himself, Dee Craig. For a complete list, see the info board, below.
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Copyright © 2017 Extramural Activity
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text: X04102 X04103 connswater st urban village NI executive communities belfast mural arts van morrison CS lewis george best david holmes danny blanchflower lucy caldwell marie jones james ellis

One thought on “Luminaries And Legends

  1. Val Humphreys 2018-04-25 / 7:37 pm

    This mural was featured recently on a BBC website. However, while five of the men were named, including both of the most well known ( George Best and Van Morrison) neither of the two women were named. This seemed a real pity and a serious failure to inform a wider public of the achievements of Belfast women. I wrote and complained to the BBC but they gave a feeble reply and chose not to take the obvious step of naming them. I was not asking for equal pay/ status/billing etc but a name didn’t seem too much to ask.

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