Springhill-Westrock Massacre

The Department For Communities (web) is “re-imaging” the brick wall at the back of St Mary’s University College (along Ascaill Ard Na bhFeá/Beechmount Avenue) into a fence. It’s not clear what, if anything, was wrong with the wall in physical terms. One possible “community” reason for the wall’s removal is to thereby remove the roughly 20 murals and 18 panels of CNR victims (original 15 + 3 more) on the wall. Whatever the reason, these will no longer have a home and some are being moved to other locations, including the Springhill-Westrock Massacre mural. For more information about the massacre, see the post about the board when it was in Ascaill Ard Na bhFeá – The Truth Costs Nothing.

See also: the WBTA mural was moved from Beechmount Ave (Alternative Transport) to Clowney Street (Alternative Transport, Alternative Location).

Update: the conversion (from wall to fence) was completed in September (St Mary’s).

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