We Will Take Nothing Less

An estimated 100,000 people congregated at Craigavon House on the 23rd of September, 1911, to hear Edward Carson’s inaugural speech as Unionist leader (McNeill Ch. 4). In his speech he said “Our demand is a simple one. We ask for no privileges, but we are determined that no one shall have privileges over us. We ask for no special rights, but we claim the same rights from the same government as every other part of the United Kingdom. We ask for nothing more; we will take nothing less”. Ten years later, in 1921, Northern Ireland was created and it has survived to reach its centenary, despite (according to this mural) “100 years of fighting a fascist republican enemy sponsored by the Irish state.”

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X08391 X08390 This we will always maintain. the ulster people Highcairn Dr

2 thoughts on “We Will Take Nothing Less

  1. Sam Leikind 2021-11-14 / 5:55 pm

    Where is the “We will take nothing less” mural located?


    • Extramural Activity 2021-11-14 / 10:21 pm

      Highcairn Dr, at the very end (Black Mountain/Springfield Rd)

      (If the location is not mentioned in the text of the post, it is (generally) at the bottom with the camera settings and misc text)

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