Splendid Isolation

“Splendid isolation” was the name given to the overarching foreign policy doctrine of the British Empire by which the UK professed no permanent allies, particularly among the great powers of Europe. The doctrine was aimed at keeping the UK from becoming entangled in disputes so that the economic activity of the empire could continue smoothly. (Global Security | WP) Hong Kong island became a UK colony after a dispute with the Chinese over UK’s use of Indian-grown opium as a substitute for silver in trading for Chinese tea and other goods. It was turned over to the Chinese in 1997. The Wai Kee “traditional Hong Kong-style cafe” in Donegall Pass has been closed for years but you can still get Hong Kong-style barbecue at Same Happy, four doors down from the mural celebrating the reign of Queen Elizabeth (prior to her death) over the 50+ commonwealth nations.

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X11716 platinum jubilee pakenham street

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