Belfast Blues

The career of Belfast blues/rock guitarist Rab McCullough spanned more than five decades, beginning with the formation of Baraka back in the 1970s, and included opening for Jimi Hendrix and a 20-year residency in the Empire. McCullough died in May (of 2021) after suffering a heart attack while swimming in Andersonstown leisure centre (BBC | BelTel | Belfast Media | Love Belfast). McCullough’s family is maintaining his Facebook page.

The mural was painted in Owenvarragh Park/Páirc Abhainn Bhearach near his former home by Glen Molloy (ig). (Belfast Media)

Also painted with blue eyes: Samuel Beckett (No Matter, Try Again)

Click and click again to enlarge (to 900 x 1200)
Copyright © 2022 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f1.8, 1/152, ISO 20, full size 3024 x 4032

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