This Is Ireland

Richard Hayward was born in England but spent his childhood in Larne in a time Henry McNeill was developing the tourist industry (see previously Larne – The Original Tourist Resort and Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines) – the Black Arch on the Coast Road is shown over Hayward’s right shoulder.

He collected songs, both Orange and traditional Irish, and played the harp. He went on to record 156 records, act in at least eight movies and write 11 travel books, the most popular of which was In Praise Of Ulster, with drawings by the landscape artist James Humbert Craig – some images from the book can be seen here.

(Ulster Biography | IMDb | Atlas Obscura)

The mural, in Larne’s Main Street, was designed by emic (ig) and painted by Dee Craig (Fb). Since 2021 you can also follow a trail around Richard Hayward’s East Antrim .

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X09378 Larne Renovation Generation

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