The Men From Ballyclare

This is an update to The Men From Ballyclare & District which was launched without the board along the low wall in front of the mural. The two info boards profile Edward Girvan and John Erskine, whose portraits are featured in the larger mural, and the emblems of the branches of the British Army: Merchant Navy, Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Our previous post shows “UDA reserved” graffiti on the wall to the right. In 2021, there was some South East Antrim lettering to the right: see A0835. (For the SEA UDA in Ballyclare, see previously the companion WWI mural and 100 Loyal Men. Also, Belfast Live, Bel Tel.) There is currently a Union flag with “1939-1945” on it (not shown in the image above) painted for the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Erskine Park, Ballyclare.

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One thought on “The Men From Ballyclare

  1. John Coyle 2023-05-13 / 10:00 am

    Thanks for your photos & posts on all things artistic.

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