Draíocht An tSléibhe Duibh

“FNGG” stands for “Féile Na gCloigíní Gorma” [Festival Of The Bluebells]. Bluebells – cloigíní gorma – typically grow in woodlands rather than on open hillsides (Belfast Hills Partnership) but Sliabh Dubh/Black Mountain (site of this latest message on the mountain in support of the festival) is also a blooming ground – images can be seen in the festival’s full programme (at Glór Na Móna). The festival includes plenty of outdoor activities, including a bluebell walk on Friday morning; Damien Dempsey headlines the concert at St Comgall’s on Thursday night.

The title of today’s post [The Magic/Spell/Charm Of Black Mountain] comes from a piece by Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh, writing about his childhood experiences of the upper Springfield area, including the bluebells on the mountain, his father Terry’s love for the hill, and the killing of brother Terry Óg by the LVF.
See previously (at Peter’s site) Save The Black Mountain, and No Such Thing As Failure | Páirc Mhic Ionnrachtaigh.

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