The Children Of The Nation

“Cherish ALL of the children of the nation equally/Chomhchúram [sic] a dhéanamh do chlann UILE an náisiúin.” Pro-life tarp at the entrance to the library on Main Street, Dungiven, perhaps in reference to the 2018 referendum on abortion in the Republic (see Yes And No | Repeal Head).
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Yes, We Are Closed

2013-02-05 DungivenStorefront+
One of four consecutive buildings with fake storefronts in Dún Geimhin/Dungiven. Painted boards have been placed over the windows and door (and the handle put back on the door?). The helpful “closed” sign prevents confusion!
Previously featured fake storefronts on the Newtownards Rd: Down The Shops | Semiotics. And relatedly: Recession In Fivemiletown.
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Kevin Lynch

02866 2015-08-26 LynchDungiven+
Mural to Kevin Lynch (WP) in Dún Geimhin/Dungiven. Lynch died after 71 days on hunger strike – the longest-surviving striker – in Long Kesh/the Maze prison. Of the four black-and-white squares, the bottom left is of the memorial to Lynch in nearby Park, where has was born, the top right is a version of this picture, and the bottom right is of his gravestone in Dungiven.
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2013-02-05 DungivenLynch+
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KevinLynch U16DerryHurling
Lynch raising the Under-16 County Derry hurling trophy.
text: X02866 X00927 kevin lynch 1956 1981 i’ll wear no convicts uniform nor meekly serve my time that Britain might brand Ireland’s fight 800 years of crime
memorial flute band mísneach is dílseacht st. dympna’s gaelic football club my sister brother son is not a criminal

Knock Out

2013-02-05 DungivenMcCloskeys+
A commercial mural in Dún Geimhin/Dungiven promoting McCloskey’s newsagents and the Irish News by association with Derry (Gaelic) footballers (and a hurler in the background) and local boxers John Duddy (from Derry) and Paul McCloskey (WP) who was born in Dungiven (and is presumably related to the shop owners??).
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text: X00928 newspaper of the year, john duddy on the up, paul mccloskey hits top form paddy heaney against the breeze tuesday