Óglach Tommy Roberts

“In proud and loving memory of Tommy Roberts, former IRA volunteer, former POW blanketman, died 8th June 2017 aged 78. His courage and dedication will never be forgotten. “As long as Ireland is unfree the only honourable attitude for Irishmen and Irishwomen is an attitude of revolt.”” Roberts was with Junior McDaid when he was shot in 1972 and was OC in Crumlin Road jail later in the 70s (Derry Journal). Video of the launch in Junememories from Anthony McIntyre | Videos of the funeral one | two.
The quote is from Pearse; it was used in Ardoyne in the 1980s.
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Join Republican Sinn Féin

This vintage nail-up is in Thames Street, next to the Red Devil. It appears to simultaneously mark the end of (Provisional) Sinn Féin (in 2001 – perhaps because of calls for IRA disarmament) while urging people to join Republican Sinn Féin, which split from PSF in 1986 over the decision to take seats in the Dáil.
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Join The IRNC

Here is another Irish Republican National Congress (Fb | webboard. Where the first (in Beechmount) featured a Maid Of Erin harp, this one features assault rifles and some nasty barbed wire.
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Towards A New Republic – I dTreo Poblacht Nua

Sinn Féin’s 2011 ard fheis (annual conference) was held in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. Falls Road, Belfast.
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Mural in Beechmount Avenue/Ascaill Ard na bhFeá commemorating the 30th anniversary of the hunger strike. The watchtowers of Long Kesh provide a lower border, joined by symbols of republican prisoners the lark and the green ribbon, as well as the Easter lily and Sinn Féin logo. “Honour Ireland’s dead – wear an Easter lily”. “I gcuimhne ar an stailc ocráis. [In memory of the hunger strike.]” Replaces the previous Honour Ireland’s Dead which did not feature the hunger strike.
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