Unfinished Revolution

When this mural was first painted in October, 2016 there were calls for its removal on account of the re-appearance of a hooded gunman with RPG (Irish News | BelTel), in the style of IRA murals from before the peace (e.g. most similar to this 1989 mural but see also these other examples). It was still present in November of 2018. The “unfinished revolution” is that of the 1916 Easter Rising, represented by the Easter lily.
The mural is next to Junior McDaid House – the offices of the IRPWA (web | Fb) and Saoradh (web) – in Chamberlain Street, Derry – see previously Victory To The Republican Prisoners.
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Watch Your Back

Two republican boards at the Eastway roundabout on the eastern side of Creggan estate. The upper board shows an IRA volunteer with RPG-luancher – “Welcome to Creggan. Watch your back on the way out.” – the other is an IRPWA board urging people to speak out against internment of republicans in Maghaberry, Portlaoise, and Hydebank.
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RPG Avenue

Since 1984 (and perhaps earlier) Beechmount Avenue in west Belfast has been known as “RPG Avenue”, after the rocket-propelled grenade launchers used by the IRA. The temporary murals (on tarpaulins) shown in the first two images (from a recent dedication at the memorial garden across the street) here recall the 80s, with images of armed volunteers and of the support for the blanket men and hunger strikers from “Beechmount/Iveagh H Block-Armagh Comittee”. The first (above) was previously used in 2001 – see J1054. The final image, taken in June of this year, shows that the street still retains its unofficial name and also gives the names of various volunteers from A Coy, 2nd Battalion, including Pat McGeown, a hunger striker whose family intervened when he lapsed into a coma, and who was elected to Belfast City Council in 1993 and died in 1996 of a heart attack.
For the murals in the background see Free Tony Taylor and Bilal Kayed.
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Markets Volunteers

This is the 2009 repaint of the mural in the Markets to IRA volunteers. Names have been added below the portrait of each IRA/Fianna mural. They are: Tony Nolan, Joseph Downey, Frank Fitzsimons, Joey Surgenor, Paul Marlowe, Jim Templeton, and Brendan Davison.

See previously 2002 and the paint-bombed 2006.

The photograph on which this mural is based can be found in this entry on a 1981 Rosnareen mural.

Friendly Street, Belfast

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