Fianna 100

Na Fianna Éireann was founded by Constance Markievicz – shown on the left of the mural –and Bulmer Hobson in 1909 as a scouting organisation for boys. When they reached 17, they were recruited into the IRB.
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Na Fianna Eireann

Na Fianna Éireann emblem (Sunburst and pike) with “Ógra Shinn Féin”, alongside some wild-style writing and ads for tyres and taxis.
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Ní Thig Leat

“Ballymurphy unbowed, unbroken” with images of Ballymurphy including the mural of McCrudden-O’Rawe–Jordan and memorial garden on Divismore Way (left) and Springhill (right). The male figures in the foreground are unnamed but the four in jackets are presumably Stone, McWilliams, McCracken, and Dougal after their mural in Springhill Drive was blanked; the female activists on the left of Cú Chulainn are Mary Austin, Kathleen Clarke, Annie McWilliams. “This mural was unveiled by Gerry Adams MP 2nd May 2010.”

“Ní thig leat Éire a chloígh, ní thig leat fonn saoirse mhuintir na hÉireann a mhúc[h]adh.” [“You cannot subdue Ireland; you cannot extinguish the desire for the freedom of the Irish people.”]

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