Nothing About Us

2010-10-00 NothingWithoutUs+
“Nothing about us without us is for us …” From the info board: “The title of this artwork reflects a slogan used internationally, where social and political change has been paramount. It is understood that such change emerges only through true and thorough consultation with the community and that is the wish of residents of Lower Shankill – the affect [sic] social change move forward through collaboration with decision makers and government at every level. This digital installation has been created by artist Lesley Cherry who has worked intensively with the Lower Shankill Community Association and members of the community to produce hundreds of positive images which reflect the need for change and consultation within that process, the ensure a better future for all. As part of the Re-Imaging Communities Programme, led by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, this artwork replaces previous murals of The Malvern Street Arch, [and before that] The Queen Mother [probably intended is the QEII golden jubilee mural] and [before that] The Scottish Brigade [this mural was three walls to the right; prior to the QEII mural was a UFF mural].” Hopewell Crescent.
Click and click again to enlarge (to 1870 x 1182)
Copyright © 2013 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f11, 1/400, ISO 100, full size 4979 x 3148
text: X00346

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