2013-01-05 DukeMcBrides+
McBrides pub — in Cushendun — with a variety of local celebrities. This is one of the three images on the back wall of the courtyard of the Duke of York.  The artist is Kathryn Bannister (not Ciaran Gallagher, as originally stated – thanks to Ciaran for the correction, April 2013. The pair worked together on the Fritz Lang and Euro-pa pieces, also at the Duke Of York). Kathryn’s web site is here.
Click and click again to enlarge (to 2000 x 1264)
Copyright © 2013 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: X00893 f8, 1/50, ISO 800, full size 3500 x 2212
text: sam thompson, joe tumelty, albert sharpe, pat kavanagh, sam mcaughtry, jimmy cricket, tim wheeler, michael longley, john mcgahern, john hewitt, master mcgrath, adrian dunbar, marie jones, roma downey, neil hannon, aaron mccusker, colin murray, gerry armstrong, dave ‘fit’ finlay, iam mcilhenney, eamonn holmes, eddie shaw, dermot murnaghan, barney eastwood, amanda burton, fred daly, thatcher the goat, john watson, ciaran gribben, randall, jonny mcdaid, tríonna, nathan connolly, terry george, stephen ferris, jonny quinn, ronnie carroll, barry douglas, george IV, miss emma belfast, the brothers wim, peter cunnah, vivian campbell, paddy wallace, andrew trimble, mike bull, meave kyle, tommy bowe, rory best, brian mclaughlin, brendan rodgers, micky harte, rory mcilroy, graeme mcdowell, darren clarke

One thought on “McBrides

  1. ciaran gallagher 2013-04-04 / 12:42 am

    Hi love the blog! i noticed you had credited ciaran gallagher for this mc brides pub mural, this is actually a piece by another artist Kathryn Bannister. I will let her know she has had her work blogged about an am sure she will be delighted!
    thanks C

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