Teenage Dreams

2015-02-07 UpstairsRight+
Here are the three right-most panels from Ciaran Gallagher’s “Upstairs” in the Dark Horse/Duke Of York courtyard: On the left, a young (and left-handed) Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol images himself as a future rock star as he plays the broom, beneath an Undertones sign, “Teenage dreams, so hard to beat”, reflected in the mirror. (Drummer Jonny Quinn worked at Good Vibrations as a youth.) In the middle, a mature Rory McIlroy relives a moment from age nine, when he appeared on the Gerry Kelly show on UTv and chipped balls into a washing machine. And finally, Carl “The Jackal” Frampton lets out a roar himself up after beating Spaniard Kiko Martinez to become IBF world super-bantamweight champion in September 2014. He defends his title this Saturday (2015-02-28). In the attic: Deep Throat, not the Watergate scandal but the porno, both 1972.
See previously: Fifty Shades Of Belfast, featuring The Fall (from television) and Romper Room (not from television).
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Camera Settings: f8, 1/25, ISO 200, full size 3616 x 2414
text: X02509 bangor is bollock freezing live at the duke 19 dec 1998 hollywood linda lovelace deep throat teenage kicks

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