For Valour

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 This mural celebrates the 14th Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles and the Victoria Cross-winning exploits of two soldiers born in Carrickfergus: James Crichton, who served in the New Zealand forces (WP) and Daniel Cambridge, who served in the Royal Artillery in the Crimean War (WP). Their bravery is described as follows on the side-wall (in the image below):
Rank: Pte. James Crichton. Reg: 2nd Btn Auckland Infantry Reg. Born: Carrickfergus 15th July 1879. Deed: Creveloeur, France 30th Sept. 1918
For most conspicuous bravery & devotion to duty, wounded in the foot, he continued with the advancing troops. After being forced back by a counter attack, he carried a message, which involved swimming a river and crossing an area swept by machine gun fire. He later saved a bridge which had been mined and although under close fire from snipers and machine guns, was able to remove the charges and return with the fuses and detonators.
Rank: Sgt. Daniel Cambridge. Reg: Royal Regiment Of Artillery. Born: Carrickfergus Co. Antrim 1820. Deed: Crimea, 8th Sept. 1855
Having been severely wounded at the assault of Redan, on the same day he went out in front of the advanced trench under heavy fire to bring in a wounded man. In performing this he was severely wounded a second time [having been shot through the jaw]. He was decorated by Queen Victoria at the first V.C. investiture at Hyde Park on 26th June 1857.
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2 thoughts on “For Valour

  1. Peter Howell 2016-05-29 / 10:27 am

    Many thanks to all involved in the making of this memorial. Daniel Cambridge VC is my great great grandfather.

  2. Peter Howell 2016-05-29 / 11:03 am

    Hi, may I copy your photograph. TIA.


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