Doing Her Duty

03150 2015-10-20 Rangers Supporters Club d below+
Here is a mural from outside the Ulster Rangers Supporters Club (Fb) on the Shankill Road. It highlights the roles played by women during WWI as nurses and welders and in the Land Army. “She hasn’t a sword and she hasn’t a gun. But she’s doing her duty now fighting’s begun.”
The forces are shown gathered outside the West Belfast Orange Hall, on the Shankill at Brookmount Street.
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 text: X03150 he died for freedom and honour national service women’s land army

One thought on “Doing Her Duty

  1. John Dougan 2016-02-02 / 12:34 am

    Shankill Area Social History, S.AS.H, Group.

    This mural was brought about by S.A.S.H, a local voluntary Belfast History Group with a membership of 25, & was painted by artist Daniela Balmaverde.
    S.A.S.H has been involved in a number of art pieces now, all of which hold historical relevance to the people of the Shankill Road.

    From start to finish, be it choosing the subject, picking the artist, collecting the material & unveiling the mural, in this case, takes us months. During the process we use the project as an opportunity to learn about our history during the period of time in question.

    Shankill Area Social History.
    Remembering The Past For Those In The Future.

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