Always Remembered By The People Of The Shankill

A fourth memorial was added to the side of the Shankill Leisure Centre for the 50th anniversary of the bombing of the Balmoral Furniture Showrooms on the Shankill Road, with two photographs from the aftermath. The one on the left, of a fireman carrying the body of Colin Nichol/Nicholl, was reproduced in the old mural in Bellevue Street and in Dundee Street in successive printed murals (one | two) of the four “Shankill atrocities”.

“In eternal memory of those who lost their lives in the indiscriminate bombing of the Balmoral Showrooms by the IRA on the 11th December 1971. Colin Nicholl 17 months (Protestant), Tracey Jane Munn 2 years old (Protestant), Harold King 29 years old (Catholic), Hugh Bruce 70 years old (Protestant). Also all 19 injured in the no warning bomb including Tracey’s mother as she pushed the two children by in their pram. They will always be remembered by the people of the Shankill area and further afield. Close to our hearts they will always stay/Loved and remembered everyday. Sponsored by Greater Shankill ACT Initiative. Donated by T. Hamilton Memorials.”

“Balmoral Furniture Showooms bombed 12.15 pm Saturday 11th December 1971. 2 adults & 2 babies killed.”

“Balmoral Furniture Showrooms massacre, 50th anniversary. In memory of those who were killed at this spot, and in tribute to those who were injured, on 11th December 1971, by a sectarian, IRA murder gang. Donated by Stephen McCosh, on behalf of the Nicholl family.”

“This poppy cross is in memory of the two men and two babies murdered at this spot by a no warning IRA bomb attack on the Balmoral Furniture shop on 11th December 1971.”

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