The Sporting Wing

Three Celtic-related stickers from Belfast.

Above, in the city centre, the “Holy Trinity” of …
Glasgow Celtic (see previously The Celtic Football Club | The Bould Bhoys | and many others),
Cliftonville (Belfast) (see previously Let’s All Do The Huddle | The Red Army | others),
and St Pauli (Hamburg) (see previously Good Night, White Pride | Gegen Rechts | also Armed With Taste).

Below, second, from the Shankill: “Big Jock Knew”, that is Celtic manager Jock Stein knew of the sexual abuse of Boys Club manager Jim Torbett. Torbett was sacked by Stein in 1974 but returned to the position in the 1980s. Torbett was tried in 1998 for crimes during the earlier time-period and served 30 months, and again in 2018, for various offenses, receiving a sentence of six years (WP). More charges are to be heard in April, 2023 (Daily Record). The phrase is the title of song sung by fans of teams playing against Celtic (WP).

Below, third, from the Falls: “the sporting wing [of the IRA]”, a play on the idea that Sinn Féin was the “political wing” of the IRA. The GAA has also been given the title (BelTel 2020); Sammy Wilson, as DUP press officer defending UDA attacks on GAA halls in Belfast and Banbridge, in September 1993, described the GAA as “the IRA at play” (WP). (For a history of the two organisations, see Irish Peace Process.) Instead of the usual four-leaf clover, three hooded gunmen fire a funeral volley.

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