Britain Remembers

Although not completely visible in the image below, the ‘Britain remembers’ Remembrance Day flag includes the Ulster Banner, the flag of NI parliament until 1972, rather than the St Patrick’s Saltire. This is also the flag used by the Irish Football Association, the governing body of soccer in NI, to represent its teams, as is shown by the personalised supporter’s plaque in Cosgrave Heights. The organisation’s name derives from the fact that the body pre-dates partition and used to govern the whole island and not just “our wee country”.
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The Boys In Blue

Linfield FC is a south-Belfast soccer club. The 1961-1962 season is one of two seven-trophy seasons in the club’s history, the first being 40 years previously in 1921-1922 (WP).
Vanguard Bears is a Rangers supporters club.
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Rangers Ready

Rangers Football Club, founded in 1873, has its home in Glasgow, Scotland but has a large following among Northern Irish Protestants. Union Street, Portadown.
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