The Siege Was Over But The War Was Still To Be Won

03217 2015-12-11 Shutting+
The third of three new panels celebrating the Apprentice Boys contains a long description of the Shutting Of The Gates in December 1688 and the Siege Of Derry, which was ended with the breaking of the boom of the river Foyle in July 1689.
The other two panels were featured in For God, Ulster & Scotland | The Brave 13. A wide shot of all three is included below.
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text: X03217 X03218 X03220 woodvale rd walker mitcheburne mitchelburne williamite no surrender browning baker murray
on the death of charles II in 1685 james II succeeded to the british throne devout roman catholic promoted subjects positions of authority expense of protestant counterparts richard talbot earl of tyrconnell appointed lord deputy in 1687 carry out ireland lying dick replacing mainly civil and military establishment by 1688 the army consisted soldiers remained garrison controlled by mountjoy william stewart population some 2,000 people staunchly march to dublin earl of antrim redshanks 23rd november undefended sweeping the province comber letter massacre in 1641 waterside area ferried across to make arrangement near midday river foyle ferryquay gate closed and locked by a group of young apprentice boys henry campsie ammunition magazine in the tower house north-west corner siezed great siege committee citizens formed defence warned not to enter expelled surrounding countryside formed into six companies by david cairns set out for london obtain help beleaguered city londonderry despite excellent reputation two sons denied access negotiations took place sides decided 21st december lundy governor queen mary deliverance supplies james hamilton commission required to take an oath before receiving resistance and a refuge 7,000 jacobite soldier subdue ulster mid april french general rosen lifford clady fifteen miles upstream in disgrace advised to surrender loyalty doubted confined to his quarters for his own safety ignominiously fled reviled henry baker george walker appointed estimated that 30,000 people able bodied eight regiments assigned a different part strengthened to deny the enemy cover many trees and houses outside cleared cannons positioned internally facing the various gates burst through tower of st columbs cathedral highest point bombardment shipquay gate 24th april 1689 600 mortar bombs clashes maumont pennyburn mill skirmishes windmill hill recaptured inflicting heavy casualties flags preserved display cloth renewed surprise repulsed beseigers troops rounded up and herded retaliated by erecting a gallow threatening to hang wooden boom was built across english supply ships lough foyle culmore fortlough swilly inch island frigate dartmouth michael browning swallow musket ball phoenix apprentic boys john mitchelburne celebrated six clubs in 1859 john guy ferguson browning relief of derry thirteen touching of the gates effigy bishop’s street thanksgiving service wreath is laid at siege heroes mound vita veritas victoria life truth victory

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