Bad Road Transport

“Sub-standard BRT discriminates against residents, traders, the disabled and their carers.” The new Belfast Rapid Transport has begun testing (BelfastLiveBelTel) in preparation for the official launch on September 3rd, with routes from the city centre to east and west Belfast and a “Citi” loop. To facilitate the new “Gliders”, a lane of traffic is being dedicated to the service from 7 am to 7 pm (also open to other public transport, cyclists, and taxis). Some are worried about traffic congestion (Talking Retail) and one business in west Belfast has closed because of the loss of street parking (Irish News). Another concern is that the new transport hub is not integrated with BRT – its stops for the West and East routes will be 380 and 500 meters away (BelTel).
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text: X06020 Falls Road

The Keys To Freedom

Here is a vintage mural still hanging on in St James’s in west Belfast. It was painted in 1995 (by Andrea Redmond?) and dates back to the peace process and the “Green Ribbon” campaign to secure the release of political prisoners: the dove carries the keys to set them free. The graffiti on the keys, however, reads “IRA” and “FTQ” (“Eff the Queen”), and in the upper wing, “UTP” (“Up the Provos”).
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West Belfast Waiting For A Home

Here is another PPR/#buildhomesnow stencil on the issue of affordable housing in Belfast. The sites suggested in this piece are the old Mackies factory off the Springfield Road (demolished in 2003) and Glenmonagh (west of the Monagh by-pass).
For the suggestion of Hillview as a site, see Homes!!! and Lidl On Quality. For a fuller list of sites, see Build Homes Now. See also Equality Can’t Wait
Replaces the COYBIG mural for Euro 2016.
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Killed In Action

“Killed in action” (on the mural) or “active service” (on the plaque) often means killed by a bomb exploding prematurely, as in the case of Finbarr McKenna, who died in Crocus Street intending to attack the RUC station on the Springfield Road at Violet Street. Here is an account of McKenna’s death from a British soldier. Lost Lives estimates that as many as 163 volunteers (9% of the total killed by the IRA) died from premature explosions. Footage of McKenna’s funeral appears in the (Sinn Féin-produced) account of Larry Marley’s funeral.
The plaque dates back to at least 2004.
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text: X04992 In memory of IRA Volunteer Finbarr McKenna who died on active service in Crocus St. 2nd May 1987. Erected by the Greater Clonard Ex-Prisoners Association.

Be There All The Way

The draw for the 4th round matches in the men’s All-Ireland Football Senior Championship takes place this morning at 8:30. Antrim have already been eliminated (in both football and hurling) but four other Ulster counties await their fates: Armagh, Fermanagh, Monaghan, and Tyrone. The new mural shown above celebrates (men’s) Gaelic games in County Antrim (tw) and at two local clubs: Naomh Gall (tw | web), founded in Clonard Street in 1910, and Naomh Pól (tw | Fb) in Hawthorn Street – the site of the mural – in 1941.

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text: X04993 Sam Maguire cup, Liam MacCarthy cup established 1884 hayes hotel thurles bunaithe 1884 ostán uí haodha durlas éile

Resistance Is Not Terrorism

Saoradh (web | Fb | tw) have added a pro-Palestine mural with the slogan “Resistance is not terrorism” to the Falls Road at the old Linden Street (replacing TMN’s homage to Vaughan Bodē).
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Beir Bua

This mural has been added to the “D company” corner at Northumberland and Divis streets (see Our Struggle Continues), with traditional words (“saoirse/freedom”, “beir bua/seize victory”) and imagery of the four provinces and a lark in barbed wire.
In the background can be seen the old Divis flats. The flats were built to replace the tightly-packed streets of the lower Falls (see the first image below). After the first three blocks were completed in 1969, there was a plan to have a mixture of flats all the way up to Dunville Park (“Phase 2” in this 30-minute BBC video on the flats, which also includes the story of its eventual demise.
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Recreating That Historic Past

“This is what a so called united Ireland would look like” – attacks on pro-Israeli murals in interface areas (in this case, Beverly Street, between the Shankill and the Falls.) This is the latest attack on the Patterson mural just off Northumberland Street (the Battle Of Britain mural was also damaged – Irish News). The mural was previously defaced, also by burning, in June 2016 (not 2017 as on the mural) – see Where Is The Reconciliation? – and graffitied in March 2017 (BBC-NI). The title of the post is part of the line at the bottom, from Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the burial of Patterson’s ashes in 2014.
For the original posts on the mural, see Father Of The Israeli Army and Operation Lion.
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RNU Stands With Palestine

The Republican Network For Unity (RNU) affirm their solidarity with Palestine over the recent deaths during the March Of Return (see also His Land, His Legs, His Life) with a new mural showing an Israeli hand smothering a Palestinian face. Here is the RNU’s statement on the recent deaths in Gaza. “RNU in west Belfast” and “End internment” are from the ‘Free Tony Taylor’ mural that this board covers over.
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Who Went To War And Never Returned

It is usually the fourth verse from Laurence Binyon’s poem For The Fallen that is quoted on memorial stones to the fallen of the WWI but here we have the third verse: They went with songs to the battle, they were young/Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow/They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted/They fell with their faces to the foe. The stone commemorates “the men of the 36th (Ulster) Division who gave their lives for King and country at the Battle of the Somme 1st July – 18th November 1916”. It is in the garden adjacent to the West Kirk Presbyterian church (Fb) on the Shankill Road. As the image below shows, the garden is also host to many small boards to individual soldier (see previously Among The FallenXXXVI | The Sacrifice Remains The Same).
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