Hearts & Minds

“This police force is after your hearts and minds. The true face of this force: harrasses [sic] and stalks Republicans and their families; works hand in glove withe MI5, NCA and British Army; uses informers to spy and up ‘Persons of Interest’; gives immunity to criminals in return for information. From RUC to PSNI – unchanged, unchanging, unchangeable.” IRSP poster in Oakman Street.
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A vintage small board dating back to 1995, still visible in Abercorn Street, London-/Derry.
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PSNI No Go Zone

These two pieces of anti-PSNI graffiti are in Glenvale Street: “PSNI no-go zone – enter at your own risk” and “Providing Support [for] Nationalist Interests”.

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Kulaksiz – Peltier – PSNI

Three on the International Wall, Divis Street: Turkish hunger striker Zehra Kulaksiz, Native American prisoner Leonard Peltier, Patten Still Not Implemented.

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